As a dance school we follow the NATD syllabus. We encourage all of our pupils to take exams with us to help aid memory, enhance performance skills and to provide pupils with a sense of achievement. Many of our pupils begin their exams by working through the NATD Rainbow examinations taking exams in Ballet, Tap and Modern. In addition to this, pupils take Graded exams in Ballet and Tap and can follow both the Street Dance/ Freestyle medal examinations. 

Our latest exam sessions: 

19th December 2021 - Another super set of exams - well done to all those involved!

3rd & 4th July 2021 - 164 exams taken with the majority receiving a Distinction / High Commendation!

20th December 2020 - Amazing results from this session with marks reaching 98/100!

13th December 2020 - All merits & distinctions for our Grade 6 & Grade 4 Contemporary, InterF & Grade 4 Tap exams! 

15th December 2019 - Another set of fantastic results! Merits & Distinctions all round!

7th July 2019 - 85 Distinctions / Highly Commended and 17 Merits for our Grade 6 Ballet, Grade 1 Ballet, Grade 4 Tap, Rainbow Tap Street Dance exams!

31st March 2019 - 36 Distinctions and two Merits for our Grade 1 & Grade 5 Tap and Grade 3 & 5 Contemporary exams! 

16th December 2018 - Another fantastic session with over 100 exams entered! Brilliant results for Grade 3 Tap, Rainbow Awards and Bronze & Silver Freestyle Awards!

24th June 2018 - Amazing results from the president of the NATD. Merits and Distinctions all round! Grade 5 Ballet, Grade 2 Tap and Contemporary exams too! 

11th February 2018 - Fantastic exam results once again! Pupils were entered for Grade 1 Ballet & Tap, Grade 2 Ballet, Grade 3 Ballet & Tap and Rainbow exams! Merits & Distinctions all round!

10th December 2017 - Our longest session to date! Pupils were entered for Preliminary, Grade 1, 2, 3 & 4 Ballet and Tap exams. All pupils received Merits & Distinctions - well done!

25th June 2017 - What a super exam session! Just under 70 exams entered with many pupils taking their first exam with us! 

28th November 2017 - A super session with lots of fantastic results! Well done to all those who took part!

19th June 2016 - Wow! An amazing session with lots of Distinctions and high Merits in both Rainbow and Graded Ballet, Tap and Modern exams! Well done!

20th March 2016 - A brilliant exam session with all pupils achieving Merits & Distinctions! 

29th November 2015 - Another fantastic exam session with lots of pupils receiving distinctions & commendations! Well done to all those involved!

23rd November 2014 -What a brilliant exam session! 43 exams entered and over half achieved distinctions! Well done girls!

11th May 2014 - Well done! Fantastic achievements with lots of Merits, Distinctions and Commendations!

23rd November 2013 -Another fantastic exam session with many pupils taking their first examinations! Lots of brilliant results again achieving merits and distinctions! Well done! 

16th June 2013 - Wow! Our first graded exam session and everybody worked so hard! Many pupils took exams in three styles and  the results were amazing lots of high merits , distinctions and commendations! Well done!

18th November 2012 - Another set of wonderful results with many of our pupils taking examinations in both styles! Results were very high again with the majority receiving distinction! Well done girls!

16th June 2012 - Well done to everybody who took part in our first exam session! Some very well deserved merits and distinctions!